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On my last visit to USA, My cousin sister shown me something every woman should know about.         

We came across a blog offering information about a number of websites offering variety of trendy products every female should have in her wardrobe.


I thought I should share it with my friends in India. They would love to have them because firstly they are cheap, convenient and something we often use on regular basis. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a party or function the things we wear like Attractive Eye glasses, Ear rings, Shorts, T shirts, trendy Jeans, outfits, Hand bags, Watches, Perfumes, Household accessories or even for simple face touch up’s we prefer Eye liners, Leap balms.










 I feel this is something we lack in India.

Since last 5 years, If I have to buy something I usually prefer online shops mostly when I’m in India. but it was the first time I was so impressed with the stuff I see on these kind of shops and it wouldn’t have bothered my budget as well.

 They were really cheap, Most of the people think the word Cheap means low quality but it is not applicable in every case,

My cousin sister and her friends been using these attractive products since long time, nobody ever complained about their quality.

These sites very popular in United States but we barely know about them. That’s why i was glad to share with my friends in India.

I think everyone should at least try them once. The websites have a huge variety of categories to choose from with everything from accessories to wearable’s with customizable options you have for searching. You can view all deals or narrow down your choices. Some of them have choices like Under 5$ shop to under 50$ shops.

By the time they have become my favorite stores, I hope you guys find them useful as well.

Top 12 most Fashionable and Affordable International shopping websites:

Happy Global Shopping!!!

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