How to prepare yourself for a summer vacation?

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When you are planning any vacation you need to decide on a place, number of days, budget, bookings and of course your pre vacation to do list. Which includes the shopping of the essentials.

We can manage all the above but the most challenging in terms of choices, availability and affordability is in the shopping category. There is so much to offer. Many things you can buy sitting at home.

Shopping for international products has become very easy. When you go for it in the city malls and market you land up paying exorbitantly. The same product we can get little cheaper online. But the cheapest we can get is from the international markets and in their local shops. This is little difficult when we have to physically go there.  Many shops does not deliver things in other countries.

Common product like large size shoes, plus sizes clothes, camping gears and accessories, electronic items etc. are not easily available and so when you buy it you would like to buy it worth to your penny.

I was in such dilemma when I was planning for my vacation in Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Adventurous activities are in abundance here. Fishing, trekking, star gazing, photography etc. I needed a nice pair of trekking shoes, fishing gears, tent to hook it near the water stream, goggles, a nice camera, and some attires to keep me warm. So much in the list. Soon I realized that what I want is not readily available here and is very costly as compared to international market. Also to add to my agony, online shopping from the US and UK did not delivery my buys here to India.

So when I was surfing for online product I came through an app called TRANSIT ADDRESS.  They offer a wonderful solution for us. What attracted me was their tag line – You shop and we SHIP.

That was it. I contacted them and got all the details. It is a very easy process. I have ordered products from the US and my trip is on ….. Tirthan valley here I come.

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